MS Polymers

Blu-Sky offers a range of high quality MS Polymer sealants and adhesives to buy online at fantastic prices.

All products bond excellently to a wide range of substrates and don’t require specific primers to suit the job. Their versatility means you can use a single product as a fix for many different applications – don’t go to work without one!

Because the MS polymers stick perfectly to most standard construction materials, they act as an ideal sealant for joints around toilets and jobs that must be weather resistant (i.e. windows and doors) and the finish can be coated by the majority of paints available.

As an adhesive, our Techbuid and High Tack ranges can be used in a broad range of DIY bonding jobs such as on skirting boards, windows and doors and home insulation. They will seal and stick to most materials – metals, glass, polyester and polystyrene, wood (coated or otherwise) and plastics and make a great all round filler.

These sealants and adhesives can even be used on porous surfaces, however we advise the use of a primer in these applications.

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