A8530 Sprayable Foam Adhesive (Upholstery)


Apollo Foam (A8530) has been developed specifically for use in the upholstery and furniture industry. It is a low-pressure non-flammable sprayable contact adhesive that offers the manufacturer many benefits:


Apollo Foam (A8530) is ideal for use in the upholstery and furniture industry. It securely bonds flexible and soft foam (polyurethane) to itself, as well as a wide range of other materials, including wood, plastics and most metals. Bonds are durable with excellent heat-resistance. Apollo Foam (A8530) also creates a soft bond line, which helps to simplify the cutting process during manufacturing and ensures a great finished product.

Apollo (A8530) has been developed with saving production time in mind. It is a single-component adhesive that requires no mixing and is rapidly applied to substrates by spraying. Apollo (A8530) also permits the quick handling of bonded substrates because it develops aggressive tack and green-strength within one minute.

There is no need to invest in machinery in order to use Apollo Foam (A8530). It is suitable for use with a range of equipment, but also will give an excellent coverage when sprayed by hand. Apollo Foam (A8530) also has a long open tack-time of up to 30         minutes, which gives you the flexibility to allow for unforeseeable delays. This makes Apollo Foam (A8530) particularly suited to manual applications.

Apollo Foam (A8530) is an extremely economical adhesive. It has a high solid content in comparison to similar products. The method of spraying also ensures excellent coverage and reduces wastage, which keeps the amount of adhesive required to a minimum.

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