Apollo A7561 Solvent-Free PU Adhesive


Apollo Lamination (A7561) was developed specifically for the manufacture of a wide range of panels, including doors, cold stores, caravans and SIPs. It is a solvent-free single-component (1K) moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesive, which securely bonds a wide range of materials/substrates.

Equipment costs are a key concern for any manufacturer, especially given the current economic climate. A7561 eliminates the need for you to invest in expensive equipment because it has been developed specifically for manual application. The adhesive is simple to apply with a hand-roller, trowel, scraper or an automatic bead-applicator.


  • Clear Drying
  • Extremely versatile
  • Minimises production costs
  • Reduces equipment costs
  • Complete peace of mind
  • Green credentials


Apollo A7561 is available in 2oL drums, coloured either Green or Natural

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Green, Natural