Bostik ScreedMaster SL-C540 Flow


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SL C540 FLOW is a two-part, protein and casein free, cementitious underlayment with improved workability for smoothing uneven floors prior to laying decorative floor coverings.

The high flow, easy trowelling compound can be used over most common substrates including concrete, sand/cement screeds, stone, anhydrite screeds, terrazzo and quarry tiles, as well as asphalt and other strong, rigid subfloors.

The moisture tolerant formula enables SL C540 FLOW to be used to smooth rough textured subfloors prior to the application of Bostik damp proof membranes in buildings incorporating a base DPM.

As SL C540 FLOW is totally protein and casein free, it’s suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas, while the low odour formulation also makes it ideal for use in occupied buildings.

SL C540 FLOW can be used with warm water underfloor heating installations provided a maximum surface temperature of 27°C is not exceeded.

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