Apollo Joinery A3727 Sprayable Adhesive 25L

A sprayable, high heat-resistant Neoprene (Polychloroprene) contact adhesive suitable for post-forming decorative laminates onto chipboard and MDF cores.

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Product Information

Apollo Joinery (A3727) has been developed specifically for post-forming operations, including the manufacture of counter tops, kitchen worktops and desks. It is a high-strength sprayable contact adhesive that offers the manufacturer many benefits.

Ideal for post-forming: hot bond-strength, heat-resistance and fast-drying
Apollo Joinery (A3727) is ideal for the post-forming of decorative laminates onto chipboard and MDF cores using a range of both static and continuous postforming equipment. This is due to its hot-bond strength, high heat-resistance and fast-drying properties. Its hot-bond strength and high green-strength also make Apollo Joinery (A3727) perfect for the post-forming of edge details.

Allows flexibility in the manufacturing process: high initial bond-strength and long open tack-life
Apollo Joinery (A3727) has been developed with this in mind. Its high initial bond strength allows the immediate handling of materials without clamping, whilst its long open tack-life provides you with the flexibility you may need to account for unforeseen delays.

Extremely economical and efficient: excellent coverage from spraying and rapid application time
The very nature in which Apollo Joinery (A3727) is applied, i.e. spraying, is extremely economical. Spraying Apollo Joinery (A3727) allows an excellent coverage rate, with minimal mess or waste. It also enables a rapid application time, which helps to improve production efficiency.

Available in RED or CLEAR