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Handy, pocket-sized tube snips opens cartridges quickly and safely and reduces the risk of injury caused by the use of knives.
Sealants, adhesives and silicones are often supplied in sealed cartridges that include a plastic applicator nozzle. The nozzle needs to be cut at an angle and screwed to the cartridge – once the cartridge has been trimmed to release the sealant.
This 2-in-1 tool features a lock-away guillotine to slice nozzles and an encircled hardened tooth to cut open cartridges.
Silicone Tube Snips are used by professional tradesmen and casual home users. Professionals like the fact that the Silicone Tube Snip is convenient, risk-free and quick, while DIY enthusiasts have no need to carry craft knives that could prove dangerous around the home.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact and lightweight – convenient pocket size
  • Strong moulded body – tough plastic, wont break easily
  • Enclosed metal tooth – sharp blade enclosed for safety
  • Robust guillotine blade – long lasting and replaceable

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