GVS Elipse A1P3 Half Mask Respirator





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The GVS Elipse A1P3 half mask is recommended for organic gases and dust, pesticides, painting, solvents into automotive, construction, agriculture and shipyard industry or repair.

The gas cartridges contain specific activated carbon granules with optimised characteristics such as pore size, grain size, activity level, density etc, which provide a maximum adsorption performance and a really low breathing resistance.

Each respirator is supplied pre-fitted with two gas or combined gas & particulate cartridge filters for the protection against a range of gases, vapours, dust and mists.

Once the cartridges are finished, they can be replaced with new filters.


Certifications EN140: 1998 + EN14387: 2004 + A1: 2008 A1P3 R D (suited for organic gases and dust).
Efficiency P3 >99,95% for 0,3 μm particulate At 1000 ppm: A1 >70 minutes cyclohexane.
Materials are hypo-allergenic, odourless, FDA compatible and Non latex or silicone.
Filters Gas Filters: Activated carbon sealed into a ABS Shell. Particulate filters: Mechanical type multi-layer HESPA Synthetic media with TPE flexible overmolded / encapsulated. Particulate filters are integrated permanently with the carbon element.
Storage Life 3 years for masks and filters.


  • Mining, steel mills, foundries
  • Mechanical, pharmaceutical, cement
  • Waste management, construction
  • Heavy metals (lead, nickel, chromium), rail industry
  • Painting, Solvents into Automotive and Shipyard industry or repair
  • Agriculture (pesticides)


Protect your mask when not in use by keeping it in a carry case (SPM008)

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