A1014 Solvent-Free Wood Adhesive (Gel PU)

A1014 is an all-purpose fast-setting wood adhesive suitable for a wide range of internal and external applications, including equipment manufacture, production line usage and DIY. It is a solvent-free gel polyurethane adhesive that offers both the professional and DIY hobbyist user many benefits:

  • Complete problem solver
  • Minimises task-time and cost
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Packaging: A1014 comes supplied in a 310ml plastic cartridge.

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Product Information

Complete problem solver: bonds wood to a wide range of substrates without the use of nails .A1014 is a complete problem solver. It securely bonds wood to a wide range of materials and is ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces due to its viscous (non-drip) properties.A1014 is compatible with most metals, wood and all types of timber, including engineered timber. It is also excellent for fixing carpet grippers and stair nosings, even in high traffic areas. Minimises task-time and cost: extremely fast-setting and easily cartridge applied We know that minimising both task-time and cost is key, and A1014 has been developed with this in mind. It is extremely fast-setting, with an open-time of five minutes and a cure-time of 20 minutes. A1014 also comes supplied in a cartridge featuring a nozzle for quick and easy application, whilst its viscous (non-drip) consistency reduces mess and waste. Ideal for use when aesthetics are important: easy to paint over, 100% water-free and gap-filling A1014 is ideal for use when aesthetics are important due to a number of properties. It is a neutral-coloured translucent gel that cures white. This creates a better looking bond line and allows you to paint over the adhesive easily. A1014 also eliminates unsightly wood uplift because it does not contain water (100% water-free). Its gap-filling properties cover a multitude of sins, including keeping uneven joints hidden. Peace of mind: fully waterproof to EN 204 D4 and has excellent weathering and aging properties At Blu Sky, we understand you need total confidence that the adhesive you are using can withstand extreme environmental conditions. A1014 creates a high-strength permanent bond quickly, with most materials and applications. It is fully waterproof to EN 204 D4 and has excellent weathering and aging properties. Apollo Joinery (A1014) is also resistant to chemicals and temperatures within the range of -30-150°C. Green and safety credentials: solvent-free Green credentials are becoming increasingly important within the construction sector, and this trend is set to continue. A1014 is solvent-free, which makes it more pleasant to use and suitable for a wide range of projects, including those involving schools and hospitals.