Soudal Carbond 955DG Windscreen Fitting PU Adhesive Kit

A ready for use, one component adhesive/sealant based on polyurethane for installing windscreens in vehicles. 

To be used in combination with Carbond Cleaner/Activator and Primer.

£5.40£16.80 inc. VAT

Product Pack Size Price    
Complete Kit 1 £16.80
Primer 30ml 1 £5.40
Cleaner/Activator 30ml 1 £5.40
PU Adhesive 310ml 1 £7.20

Product Information

3 Component Kit. Available as complete unit comprising 30ml Cleaner / Activator, 30ml Primer and 310ml PU Adhesive tube, or as individual components.


– High end strength.
– Water resistant and permanent vibration absorbing elastic bond.
– Good colour stability, weather and UV resistance, resistant to ageing.
– Excellent adhesion on glass, ceramic coated glass and painted surfaces.
– Good sag resistance.


Bonding of the front, rear and side screens to the body of automotive vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, tractors and special vehicles.


Method: Clean the edges of the windscreen with Carbond 955DG Cleaner/ Activator. Apply Carbond 955DG Primer and respect a drying time of at least 10 minutes. Remove the windscreen and cut away the old adhesive/ sealant to 1-2 mm. Freshly cut adhesive/sealant should not be cleaned. The freshly cut surface provides for an ideal adhesion for Carbond 955DG. Damaged painted surfaces have to be treated with Carbond 955DG Primer. Apply Carbond 955DG by means of a caulking gun in a triangular shape to the windscreen or car body. Put the windscreen in place and apply light pressure. The vehicle can be moved after 1 hour. Drive away time is 2 hours.
Application temperature: +10°C to +25°C


Carbond 955DG can, before the adhesive is cured, be removed from tools and materials with solvent. Cured adhesive has to be removed mechanically.