Tacwise A7116Auto Automatic Air Staple Tacker


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The Tacwise A7116 Automatic Staple Tacker is easy to switch between single and continuous fire with a variable speed control.

Quick reloading makes for rapid stapling on large jobs with minimum downtime. This tool is powerful yet lightweight and will happily run from a small compressor.

Designed for tough and repetitive work on production lines with speed and reliability in mind.

Suitability: Attaching wire mesh netting to wood, Coffin linings, Exhibition/show upholstery, Insulation & lining, Office screens, Pelmets, blinds & awnings, Theatre & film scenery, Upholstery & re-upholstery, Window display/shop fitting

Accepts 71 series staples 5-16mm (3/16″-5/8″)

Technical Specifications:
Magazine Capacity: 150 Staples
Dimensions (H x W x D): 216 x 38 x 140
Weight (kg): 0.9
Takes staple type: 71 5mm – 16mm
Max dBA sound/noise: 83
PSI: 70-100
Trigger: Single & Auto Shot

Tool Features:

7116astaple_tacker1. Soft rubber safety grip

2. Single shot trigger

3. Automatic shot trigger

4. Slender length nose

5. Neat rear exhaust

6. Double safety trigger

7. High capacity magazine

8. High durability driver blade system

9. Variable speed control

– Bottom loading

– Ultra quick release reloading system




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