TIMco Velocity Premium Multi-Purpose Wood Screw

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The unique patented TIMco Velocity screw has been specifically designed to give rapid installation into many different materials whilst achieving exceptional pull out resistance.

 The Velocity screw is designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology giving the user a consistent and reliable product that can be used in a variety of applications.
Partially threaded from 40mm.
Available in Pozi and TX drive, various sizes from 3.0 x 16 all the way up to 6.0 x 200. Please call with your requirements.

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30016VY, 30020VY, 30030VY, 30040VY, 35012VY, 35016VY, 35020VY, 35025VY, 35035VY, 35040VY, 35045VY, 35050VY, 40016VY, 40020VY, 40025VY, 40030VY, 40035VY, 40040VY, 40045VY, 40050VY, 40060VY, 40070VY, 50070VY, 50100VY

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