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Bostik Screedmaster Deep is a protein-free, high strength, high performance, deep self-levelling compound based on a blend of cements and organic binders. It is suitable for
raising floor levels and levelling uneven subfloors in light to heavy-duty internal applications. The versatility of Bostik Screedmaster Deep allows for application between 5mm
to 50mm in a single step.

Bostik Screedmaster Deep is suitable for use with warm water underfloor heating installations and for filling uneven floors and forming slope screeds.



Water mix. For self-levelling and resurfacing of internal floors. Bostik Screedmaster Deep can be laid over most common substrates including: concrete, sand/cement screeds, stone, anhydrite screeds, rigid metal, terrazzo & quarry tiles, unglazed ceramic tiles and other strong, rigid subfloors.


Approx. 2.7m² at 5mm thickness
Approx. 1.35m² at 10mm thickness
Approx. 0.65m² at 20mm thickness
Approx. 0.27m² at 50mm thickness


Foot traffic: 1.5 hours at 20°C 3 to 4 hours at 20°C

Ceramic tiles/textile coverings: 3 to 4 hours (<10mm thickness) at 20°C 24 hours (>10mm thickness) at 20°C 6 to 8 hours (<10mm thickness) at 20°C 48 hours (>10mm thickness) at 20°C

Vinyl floorcoverings: 24 hours per 10mm thickness at 20°C


20kg powder (water mix), Compressive Strength typically 38 N/mm² after 28 days

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