Tuskbond ONE 500ml Multipurpose Sprayable Contact Adhesive


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Tuskbond ONE is a low odour, fast drying contact adhesive made in the UK. Suitable for bonding a wide variety of products, Tuskbond ONE provides good temperature resistance, a long open time with a class 0 fire rating.

ONE is ideal for permanent bonds that require good initial bond strength.

Are you still using traditional, old-style adhesion techniques? Why so when you can buy our Multipurpose Sprayable Contact Adhesive to upgrade your method and make it far less time-consuming. Tuskbond ONE Multipurpose Sprayable Contact Adhesive is a versatile, low odour, fast drying contact adhesive, perfect for bonding or sealing a wide variety of products. It’s quick and easy high strength bond-forming property provides a long-lasting seal. Versatile enough to be used anywhere; this Multipurpose Sprayable Contact Adhesive gives a smooth finish to the process.

ONE’s powerful bonding properties consistently outperforms traditional adhesion techniques making it a reliable and trusted product for all you need. Spray it onto the surface from 20-25 cm away using smooth sweeping action and then leave it tack off (Note: for a porous surface apply the adhesive on both surfaces). Let the first layer of adhesive dry properly and then apply the next layer. Tuskbond ONE Multipurpose Sprayable Contact does the job in one to three sprays depending upon the surface, plus thanks to its low odour properties, you can freely use the ONE for indoor works without any worries.


  • High Strength Bond Achieved in Minutes
  • Excellent Grab
  • Good Heat Resistance
  • Long Open Time
  • Versatile
  • BS476 Part 7 Class 1 Approved
  • Building Regulations: Class 0
  • Wheelmark Accredited
  • SAFT Heat Tested 100˚C

Always test a small sample of the materials first to ensure the suitability of the product for the application.  For instance, some vinyls contain large amounts of plasticiser which, over time, can migrate and soften the bond.  When in doubt, test first.

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