A3701 Polyurethane Adhesive (for PVC)


Apollo (A3701) is a multipurpose adhesive suitable for bonding a wide range of flexible PVC products. It is a single
component, two-way stick thermoplastic polyurethane adhesive that offers the manufacturer many benefits.


  • Minimises production costs : single component, fast drying Apollo (A3701) allows you to reduce production costs by minimizing manual production time. It is a single component adhesive that does not require mixing, thereby eliminating the risk of incorrect mixing by human error. It is also fast drying, in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Reduces equipment cost: brush applied, easy application
    Equipment costs are a key concern of any manufacturer. Apollo (A3701) reduces the need to invest in expensive
    application equipment because it can be brush applied, or applied via a solution applicator. The adhesive is easy and quick to apply, thereby minimising task-time.
  • Complete piece of mind: high grab, excellent creep resistance, durable weatherproof bond. Apollo (A3701) forms a high-strength, durable, weatherproof bond, which is resistant to water, extreme temperatures (-30-80°C ) and even chemicals once fully cured. it also has an excellent grab and creep resistance.
  • Minimises task-time: components may be pre-coated up to one week in advance Apollo (A3701) helps to reduce task-time because components can be pre-coated up to one week in advance. This allows for considerable flexibility in the manufacturing process.


Apollo A3701 is available as a 25L drum in 5L kit form (Parts A/B).  The 5L kit form is especially suited to making effective, temporary repairs to inflatables including boats and life saving equipment. It is resistant to sea water and high temperatures making it both convenient and easy to use as a repair product.

Apollo A3701 is Toluene Free, and is suitable for professional and non-professional use.



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25L, 5L (A+B) kit