Penloc 1:1 Two Component Adhesive





Two part structural adhesive.

Penloc® 1:1 will bond almost any material combination giving an extremely high handling strength in just 3 to 5 minutes. Full strength is achieved in approximately one hour. Penloc® 1:1 can be applied using a minimixer nozzle or directly from the cartridge ‘bead on bead’. Penloc® 1:1 structural adhesive will tolerate -55°C to +125°C and has great resistance to many different chemicals and usual weathering. 

  • High strength,
  • Toughened acrylic adhesive,
  • Traditional Pink & Green colouring,
  • Will bond metals, plastics, wood, glass and composites to themselves or in any combination.

For use with appropriate gun such as PQ50 series.



Available in 50ml and 400ml sizes

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50ml, 400ml